What is Rotary International?

Rotary International stands as a prominent global service organization, renowned for its massive reach and impact. At its core, Rotary’s mission revolves around serving others, upholding integrity, and fostering world understanding, goodwill and peace. This noble purpose is achieved through the collective bond of business professionals, and community leaders united in fellowship.

Rotary represents a vast global network comprising 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers. This diverse community envisions a world where individuals unite and proactively address issues to effect enduring change at a global scale, within our local communities, and within ourselves.

True solutions require genuine dedication and a clear vision. For over a century, Rotary’s people of action have demonstrated unwavering commitment, channeling their passion, energy, and intelligence into sustainable projects. From promoting literacy and peace to addressing water and health challenges, Rotary constantly strives to improve our world, pledging to remain steadfast until the desired outcomes are achieved.

Our organizational structure and foundation underpin our strategic vision. As Rotary members, we embrace a collective responsibility to tackle humanity’s most pressing and persistent issues. 

With over 46,000 clubs working in collaboration, we aim to:

Rotary fosters atmospheres conducive to the establishment of peace. As a humanitarian organization, the pursuit of peace stands as a fundamental element of our mission. We firmly believe that as individuals strive to cultivate harmony within their communities, this endeavor can reverberate globally. By executing various service projects and offering support for peace fellowships and scholarships, our members actively engage in addressing the root causes of conflicts. These include factors such as poverty, prejudice, ethnic strife, educational disparities, and the uneven allocation of resources. Our present dedication to peacebuilding responds to emerging challenges. We seek to maximize our influence and realize our vision of enduring transformation. Our approach to the concept of peace is now marked by enhanced unity and inclusiveness, as we broaden our understanding of peacebuilding and create more avenues for participation. Rotary forges environments that facilitate the emergence of peace.

Illness brings about suffering, anguish, and destitution for countless individuals globally. This is precisely why the pursuit of disease prevention and treatment holds immense significance for us. We spearhead endeavors on both a grand and modest scale. We establish makeshift clinics, centers for blood donation, and training facilities in marginalized communities grappling with outbreaks and limited healthcare accessibility. Furthermore, we devise and construct infrastructure that facilitates collaboration among medical professionals, patients, and governments. Our members actively combat ailments such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and polio. Emphasizing prevention, we also direct our efforts towards health education and providing routine hearing, vision, and dental care to individuals.

When individuals can access clean water and proper sanitation, the incidence of waterborne diseases diminishes, leading to improved child health and regular school attendance, while mothers can allocate more time to assisting their families instead of carrying water.

We enhance the ability of high-quality healthcare, aiming to ensure that mothers and children across the globe can access equal chances for a wholesome future. Approximately 5.9 million children below the age of five lose their lives annually due to malnutrition, insufficient healthcare, and subpar sanitation – all of which are preventable.

Close to 800 million individuals subsist on an income of less than $1.90 per day. The members of Rotary are deeply committed to delivering lasting remedies to poverty. Both our members and our foundation dedicate themselves to empowering local entrepreneurs and community leaders, with a special emphasis on women, within economically disadvantaged areas. 

Our dedication lies in backing endeavors that enhance the preservation and safeguarding of natural resources, promote ecological sustainability, and cultivate a harmonious relationship between communities and their surroundings. We enable communities to secure grants and additional resources, adopt local approaches, and stimulate innovation in order to tackle the root causes and mitigate the consequences of climate change and environmental decline.

Counting over 1.4 million members across the globe, Rotary participants are present and prepared to initiate assistance when communities face disaster-induced challenges. Both Rotary members and The Rotary Foundation assume a distinctive role in the process of disaster recovery and reconstruction. Collaborating closely with our partner, ShelterBox, as well as other specialized disaster relief organizations, Rotary members take the lead in projects that aid every stage of a community’s recovery journey.

At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of service to others, a commitment to uphold integrity, and the advancement of global understanding, goodwill, and peace through the fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Our vision is one of unity and action, where individuals join forces to create lasting change, transcending borders, making a tangible impact within our own communities, and fostering personal growth within ourselves. Through Rotary’s collective efforts and determination, we strive to make a positive difference and transform the world for the better.

East Northport Rotary

Established in 1955 and a member of Rotary International, we are a group of like-minded business people dedicated to enhancing the life of those we serve, both locally and internationally. We do this through a series of fundraising events and service projects throughout the year.

Mission Statement

Our purpose revolves around aiding individuals confronting challenges, motivating young individuals regarding the importance of educational leadership, and educating others on embracing sustainable practices for a more pristine environment. This commitment to community and family acts as our compass, influencing our actions on both local and global scales. Ultimately, our primary objective is to uplift the underprivileged and contribute to our community through our modest endeavors.

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Join us for the Anita and Bill Thomas Rotary Soles4Souls Shoe Drive, March 1 - March 30, 2024

Save the Month of March! Honor Anita and Bill Thomas by donating your used shoes to someone who really needs them.

Northport Rotary and East Northport Rotary announce our 15th Annual Soles4Souls shoe drive, named for our founders, Anita and Bill Thomas. Anita and Bill led the way with an initial collection of 500 pairs of shoes at Gold’s Gym in East Northport to over 20,000 pairs in recent years. As Anita s: “What is most inspiring in this is the outpouring of community spirit, particularly from the children.” We are hoping for a strong response this year to honor Anita and Bill, lost to COVID-19.  

We are now confirming box location sites that will include area schools, churches, businesses and organizations. A full list of locations will be posted on the Northport Rotary website, northportrotary.org, by March 1, 2023. Many thanks to Westy’s Self Storage on Jericho Turnpike in East Northport for their support during the drive again this year.

Soles4Souls was established by a group of shoe industry executives in response to global disasters. Their mission is to alleviate poverty through shoes and clothing. Soles4Souls distributes new shoes provided by their sponsors to people in immediate need, e.g., disaster victims and those in desperate need, in the U.S. and around the world. All of the shoes collected in drives are provided to micro-entrepreneurs through micro finance for them to refurbish and resell at small markups. Not only do people in great need get shoes but the sellers establish a sustainable source of income to feed their families and dig their way out of poverty.

The World Bank estimates that over 400 million children worldwide live in pronounced poverty. Millions of these children will grow up never having had a pair of shoes. Many are not able to attend school without shoes. Barefoot kids are infected by soil-transmitted parasitic diseases like hookworm, causing lasting suffering and lifelong debilitation.

“We support Soles4Souls because it is effective in distributing shoes where the need is, in the U.S. and worldwide, in response to disasters and deep poverty,” said Anita. Soles4Souls has distributed over 73 million pairs of shoes and clothing. Over 242,000 pairs of shoes have gone to Ukrainian refugees. 

“The simple truth is that almost everyone with a closet has shoes they no longer wear, or an old pair that otherwise will end up in a
landfill.,” said Thomas. “Give those to us, and know that you are taking a step toward making the world a better place for all of us.”


Learn How to Navigate Holiday Anxiety and Stress! A mental health awareness event!

Rotary Event

In this photo:  (Center) Linda Oristano (NENDATF) and (Right) Sharon Joy Woodhouse (East Northport Rotary) gave a certificate of appreciation to (Left) Ellen Ritz (NAMI CSLINY).

Last December 16, a mental health awareness event, “Learn How to Navigate Holiday Anxiety and Stress,” unfolded at 1018 Pulaski Road, East Northport, New York, providing an invaluable resource for individuals seeking guidance during the challenging holiday season. The event, held at 6 pm, aimed to address the heightened stress and anxiety often experienced during this time of the year. The location served as a welcoming space for community members to come together and gain insights into preserving mental well-being during the festive season.

The distinguished speaker for the evening was Ellen Ritz, the President of NAMI in Central Suffolk. As a knowledgeable and experienced advocate for mental health, Ellen shared valuable tips and strategies to help navigate the unique challenges that the holiday season can bring. Her engaging talk resonated with the audience, providing practical tools to cope with stress and anxiety effectively.


Otan Vargas, Nephtali Laxamana, and Pong Tenioso performed in this event, sharing their exceptional talent and inspirational songs that left everyone feeling inspired.


                                           In this picture, the performers are getting their certificate of appreciation along with some gifts.

Organized by the Rotary Club of East Northport, Northport-East Northport Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force, and CN Guidance, the event also featured a mini concert, enhancing the overall experience and contributing to the therapeutic atmosphere. Attendees were treated to inspiring performances that complemented the informative session, creating a well-rounded event that addressed mental health from both educational and emotional perspectives. The collaborative effort of these organizations underscored the importance of community support and awareness in fostering mental well-being.

The impact of the event was evident as participants left feeling inspired and armed with newfound knowledge about managing their mental health. Ellen Ritz’s articulate presentation and the uplifting performances by the artists contributed to an evening of collective learning and support, reinforcing the idea that open conversations and community initiatives are crucial in promoting mental health awareness.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to these amazing local businesses for spreading joy and warmth this season with their generous food donations, gift cards and certificates! 🎁 
Your kindness has truly made our day, and we can’t express how grateful we are for your support.  
Special shoutouts to:
🥯 Bagel Boss
🎨 Bagel Port
🍕 Chefs of New York
🍽 Copenhagen
☕ Dunkin’ Donuts
🍝 Lota Veco
🍕 Mario’s Pizza
🍞 Panera Bread
🍤 Robke’s
☕ Starbucks
Your contributions not only bring smiles to our faces but also strengthen our community. Cheers to the local businesses that make our town thrive! 🌆 Let’s continue to support each other and make this holiday season extra special. 🎄✨
#SupportLocal #Gratitude #CommunityLove #HolidayCheers 🌈💖

Rotary Club of East Northport Charitable Paint and Sip Event at Atria, East Northport

On the evening of November 15, 2023, the Atria venue bloomed with artistic fervor as the Rotary Club of East Northport hosted a unique Paint and Sip event. This charitable gathering saw participants, under the guidance of local artists, transforming ordinary wine glasses into exquisite works of art adorned with vibrant flowers. The fusion of creativity, community, and generosity made this event a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

The Atria’s elegant setting provided the perfect backdrop for the artistic endeavors that unfolded throughout the night. Attendees, armed with paintbrushes and an array of colors, were not only treated to a night of creative expression but also found joy in the act of giving back. The choice to paint wine glasses added an extra touch of sophistication to the event, with each participant crafting a unique masterpiece that would later become a functional work of art. 


Guided by the skilled hands of local artists, the participants embarked on a journey of artistic exploration, turning plain wine glasses into stunning canvases for beautiful flowers to bloom. The event became a celebration of the transformative power of art, as individuals from different walks of life came together to share in the joy of creation and contribute to a charitable cause.


                                  Mrs. Ritter, the artistic instructor, guiding participants through the process of painting their wine glasses

The heartwarming aspect of the evening lay in its charitable mission. A significant portion of the event’s proceeds was dedicated to a local charity, underscoring the East Northport Rotary Club’s commitment to making a positive impact on the community. The painted wine glasses, each a testament to both creativity and compassion, served as tangible symbols of the evening’s philanthropic spirit.

Paint and Sip

As the night unfolded, Atria’s walls became a gallery of floral masterpieces, reflecting the diverse talents and imaginations of the participants. The success of this Paint and Sip event at Atria has not only solidified the Rotary Club’s dedication to fostering artistic expression but has also paved the way for future endeavors that blend creativity with community service. The echoes of laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the vibrant blossoms adorning the painted wine glasses will undoubtedly linger as a testament to the beauty that unfolds when art and charity intertwine.

Special thanks to Atria, East Northport for sponsoring this event!!!!


Shoes Donations

Indeed, Michelle's donation of bags of shoes to the Rotary Club of East Northport is a wonderfully thoughtful and selfless act. It serves as a clear demonstration of her deep commitment to giving back to the community and extending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. Her generosity will unquestionably bring about a positive change in the lives of those in need, underlining the substantial influence of individual contributions in creating a better world for everyone.

If you wish to donate your shoes, please send us an email at info@eastnorthportrotary.org.

Rotary Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Rick Fink for receiving the Hall of Fame award in 2023. This is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to Rick's outstanding contributions and achievements. Being recognized in the Hall of Fame is a significant honor and reflects his dedication, hard work, and excellence in the Rotary. It's a well-deserved recognition and a proud moment for both Rick and the entire club of East Northport Rotary.

Celebrating Rick's achievement and sharing the news with others will surely inspire and motivate others to give back to the community as well.

Congratulations to the winner of our
scratch-off raffle!

We had an absolutely thrilling time at the East Northport Festival held on September 8 and 9, 2023. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winner who emerged victorious in our exhilarating scratch-off contest. The festival was filled with an array of captivating activities and entertainment, making it a memorable weekend for all attendees. We are grateful for everyone who participated and look forward to creating more exciting experiences in the future.