What is Rotary?

Rotary International stands as a prominent global service organization, renowned for its massive reach and impact. At its core, Rotary’s mission revolves around serving others, upholding integrity, and fostering world understanding, goodwill and peace. This noble purpose is achieved through the collective bond of business professionals, and community leaders united in fellowship.

Rotary represents a vast global network comprising 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers. This diverse community envisions a world where individuals unite and proactively address issues to effect enduring change at a global scale, within our local communities, and within ourselves.

True solutions require genuine dedication and a clear vision. For over a century, Rotary’s people of action have demonstrated unwavering commitment, channeling their passion, energy, and intelligence into sustainable projects. From promoting literacy and peace to addressing water and health challenges, Rotary constantly strives to improve our world, pledging to remain steadfast until the desired outcomes are achieved.

Our organizational structure and foundation underpin our strategic vision. As Rotary members, we embrace a collective responsibility to tackle humanity’s most pressing and persistent issues. With over 46,000 clubs working in collaboration, we aim to:

1. Promote peace

2. Fight disease

3. Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene

4. Save mothers and children

5. Support education

6. Grow local economies

7. Protect the environment

At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of service to others, a commitment to uphold integrity, and the advancement of global understanding, goodwill, and peace through the fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Our vision is one of unity and action, where individuals join forces to create lasting change, transcending borders, making a tangible impact within our own communities, and fostering personal growth within ourselves. Through Rotary’s collective efforts and determination, we strive to make a positive difference and transform the world for the better.